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Is there hidden danger in your carrier gas?

Changing the way, you think about high purity gas

BIP® technology is unique, ultra-high purity gas delivered via advanced technology cylinders which feature an integrated purification system that eliminates impurities before they leave the cylinder. The result? The lowest levels of critical impurities, moisture, oxygen and total hydrocarbons of any ultra-high purity gas, guaranteed.

Not all high purity gases are created equally

By their very nature, ultra-high purity gas users can’t tolerate impurities, however achieving 100% purity in a packaged gas isn’t something that is currently possible. While 99.9999% is close, even then there are some impurities present, the important question then becomes what those impurities are. With some being far more detrimental to common UHP applications than others; moisture, oxygen and total hydrocarbons are typically the worst. The internal purification system in a BIP® technology cylinder effectively removes these potentially damaging impurities prior to gas leaving the cylinder, most of the impurities in BIP® technology gases are nitrogen which is typically not harmful.

What do I have to do if I wanted to switch to BIP gases?

Switching to BIP® technology gases couldn’t be simpler, just order BIP® gases instead of your usual cylinder, no modifications are required.

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See how the costs stack up

With our online cost calculator you can find out the costs surrounding high purity gases.