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Guidance for vendors

Fraudulent Orders - Update November 2023

We continue to see increased incidents of fraudulent orders being placed for goods and services across the country by parties illegally using the names of large, reputable companies. Air Products offers the following guidance to assist suppliers in verifying the authenticity of orders that appear to be requested by Air Products:

  • Most of Air Products’ purchases are typically made with suppliers who have previous purchase agreements in place with Air Products
  • If your company received an order from a party claiming to represent Air Products, in the first instance please quickly check that:
    • The sender’s email address ends in “@airproducts.com”. The perpetrators of these fraudulent orders are using increasingly sophisticated methods to make it appear as if their email is from a genuine airproducts.com account. Please be extra vigilant in checking the email address of incoming orders. If the email domain deviates from “@airproducts.com” the order is likely to be fraudulent.
    • The shipping address is a genuine Air Products location.

If either of these criteria are not met, there is a high likelihood that the order is fraudulent. Please note that Air Products is not liable for orders that have been issued by a fraudster attempting to impersonate Air Products. We would recommend you report the incident to the authorities, e.g. the police and Action Fraud, the National Fraud Investigation Bureau’s reporting centre. Do not proceed with the order.

If you wish to verify the order, you should contact Air Products on an independently obtained phone number or email us at POPSGB@airproducts.com.