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Gas Generators

Not always the cost-effective solution for laser cutting

The primary argument for procuring an on-site gas generator is the cost of producing nitrogen and eliminating gas rental and delivery charges.

Whilst, admittedly, there may be some initial cost benefits - this is not the complete picture. It is important to consider the total cost of gas generation vs. cryogenic liquid supply from a quality industrial gas supplier over an extended time period. Aside from the initial significant capital expenditure to purchase the gas generator, the total running costs including power, maintenance and spare parts need to be understood.

Eliminating the need to stop the laser machine in order to refill the gas tank is also often quoted as a reason to move to on-site gas generation. However, the CryoEase® service from Air Products overcomes this significant objection.

CryoEase® tankers deliver nitrogen at high pressure eradicating the need to vent down the tank for refilling, ensuring no production time is lost. Conversely, gas generators need to have regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently, which involves scheduling downtime for the laser machine.

Finally, the cost of spare parts needs to be added into the equation. Gas generator filters need to be replaced at least every 5 years and these equate to 75% of the original generator purchase cost. When all these considerations are factored into the calculation most customers conclude that cryogenic liquid gas supply is the more cost effective and hassle-free solution.

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