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Mobile Analytical Testing Services

Looking to save time and money by outsourcing gas testing? Carried out by our team of experts, from Oxygen, Hydrogen, Argon, Nitrogen and Helium, we provide on-site testing services for Industrial Gases, supported by a state-of-the-art, laboratory. Analysis is provided from full purity down to trace-levels of impurities.


  • Gas testing can be required for various reasons including compliance, good manufacturing process, validation and more
  • ISO9001 certified for 'Purity analysis of Industrial Gases', assuring consistent performance and independent 3rd party validation
  • Mobile Analytical Chemists trained to operate throughout Europe – allows a fast and efficient response
  • An alternative to costly permanent onsite analytical equipment
  • Standard services and custom solutions are available

Why Choose Air Products

On-site range of analytical capabilities

Backed up by sample analysis at our Carrington ‘Tracelab’ laboratory, with the reassurance of ISO certification

System qualification

Thorough testing to provide certification of compliance


Quick response to gas related site issues

Quality assurance

Ability to certify to customer requirements, backed by our ISO approved systems

Validation requirements

Assistance with regulatory validation requirements

Independent third-party testing

Provision of samples to additional laboratory resources


Gas quality assays and product identification

Sampling and analysis

Air sampling and analysis

Gases and impurity levels

The table shows the onsite and laboratory testing service for Industrial Gases (Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Helium) and their impurities.

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