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Calculating Laser Gas Consumption

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If you are buying a new laser machine, one of the most frequently asked questions is “how much laser gas will I require?“. This answer is different for each laser operation and varies depending on the specific laser machine model and the cutting operation. There is a range of core data points that are required to feed in to a laser gas calculation.

Your laser manufacturer should be able to provide the necessary data points. However, if you would like a better understanding of the data that is required we provide more support below.

Laser gas calculation

The following elements are all required to feed into the laser gas calculation. Elements referring to the laser machine should be available directly from the laser manufacturer or provided in the machine manual.


Laser gas consumption depends on what material is being cut and the material thickness


Gas consumption depends on the type of assist gas used (nitrogen or oxygen) and the standard operating gas pressure

Nozzle size

The diameter of the laser nozzle is required along with gas pressure to calculate gas flow rate in litres per minute

Machine Speed

Need to input the laser machine speed for output per hour i.e. how long to cut a part


For complete operational running costs, the calculation requires forecasted workload by day/month

Roadmap Starts with Cylinder Packs

Regardless of the size of your laser operation, we always recommend to start with cylinder packs for assist gas. Cylinder packs (also known as manifolded pallets) are multiple cylinders connected with a dual outlet.

We have some of the largest volume 300 bar packs in the industry with 40% more gas than conventional cylinder packs offering significant operational cost benefits via increased uptime and reduced handling.

If your operation is large enough to benefit from a liquid supply, we will be able to size and specify your tank more accurately based on the running data from cylinder packs. We can then ensure a seamless transition to liquid.

If you would like a more detailed calculation please contact us and ask for a free laser gas consumption consultation.

Ask the Expert

“Why should I consider switching to CryoEase® service”
The hogh pressure CryoEase® tank and delivery service combination means that you never need to shut down production to refill your gas tank; meaning maximum ouput. It also means that you never run out of gas, as we monitor your usage and schedule refilling automatically.