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High pressure liquid supply

Eliminate laser downtime with continuous gas supply

Liquid is the ideal solution for any laser operation using more than 10 cylinders or 1 cylinder pack per month.

The benefit of liquid solutions is continuous gas supply which eliminates the risk of the laser shutting down mid operation due to a lack of gas and resulting in either material write-off or laser damage. Liquid supply is also safer and more efficient, as involves no handling of gas cylinders plus we monitor your tank remotely, so there is never a risk of running out of gas.

Unlike competitor liquid offerings, our solutions ensure there is no laser downtime when refilling and no loss of gas – even at high pressure.

Want to switch supply mode?

    • Minimal business interruption – we can work around you for installations and/or deliveries
    • Hassle-free –we also provide engineering, equipment and training.
    • Sizing and future-proofing – our wide range of solutions and collaborative approach ensure you have the best solution tailored to your business
    • Fast turnaround times – all our laser offer is held in stock including tanks and equipment

    Simple streamlined transition

    From “complex and costly” to “productive and profitable” in 4 simple steps

    Site Survey

    Covering tank/pack selection, gas system design, installation, servicing, maintenance and safety advice.

    Design, Installation, Testing

    All installations are fully tested in compliance with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations and BCGA guidelines.

    Training Documentation

    Basic safety training is offered as standard with additional training packages available at extra cost.

    Automated Refilling

    Remote monitoring ensures you never run out of gas and our high pressure refill capability means no business interruption.

    Don’t pay twice for your laser gas with CryoEase® service

    With gas delivery pressures up to 30 bar and storage sizes from 230 to 2,000 litres, our CryoEase® mini-tank solutions have the flexibility to handle your laser gas supply in a safer and reliable manner.

    Unlike competitor offers, our high-pressure delivery service allows your gas to be refilled while your machine keeps running eliminating any loss in production – even at high pressure. There is also no need to vent down your tank and lose gas you've already paid for.


    Leading Liquid Bulk Solutions

    We have a range of tanks from 2,000 to 60,000 litres for all sizes of operation. Our engineers will select and design a solution for your requirements and optimise to match your volume, desired pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern to meet your current and future needs. Our customer service team monitors tank levels and provides delivery with 99.95 percent on-time delivery record meaning secure peace of mind from supply reliability.


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