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Drive Down Costs with our Laser Gas Solutions

Laser gas supply can have a significant impact on the efficiency and profitability of a laser operation.

Whilst the price of gas is often closely scrutinised, the real impact is derived from the combination of gas purity and delivery mode.

Why do so many manufacturers choose Air Products laser gas?

No Need to Pay Twice for Gas

Only pay for the gas you use with our solutions. No need to vent off gas into the atmosphere to refill the laser gas tank. This means you don’t pay again to refill the gas you’ve lost. 

No Loss of Valuable Production Time

Our laser gas delivery modes eliminate machine downtime with continuous reliable supply meaning no loss in valuable production time.

Low Cost Solution

No capital investment is required and installation costs are minimal. There is no need to factor in maintenance costs or escalating energy prices. You simply pay for the gas you use.

Don’t Pay Twice for Your Laser Gas

Our unique high pressure nitrogen refilling solution (CryoEase® Service) has two significant financial benefits for your laser operation.

The first benefit is a direct cost saving as there is no requirement to re-purchase gas that was already in the tank.

The second benefit is no loss in revenue. Through allowing the laser to continue running, productivity and profitability are uninterrupted to keep overheads low and  return on investment high.

Minimal Investment to Optimise Supply

Often switching suppliers involves significant time and cost. However, not with the CryoEase® Service.

  • No capital expenditure investment (unlike gas generators)
  • Minimal engineering work for a mini-tank installation
  • Minimal business interruption – we work around you for installations and/or deliveries
  • Hassle-free –we can provide engineering, equipment and training.
  • Sizing and future-proofing – our collaborative approach ensures you have the best solution tailored to your business strategy
  • Fast turnaround times – all our laser offer is held in stock including tanks and equipment

Improve your Profitability

All of our solutions have your profitability top of mind. Whether you are transitioning from a gas generator to reduce running costs, looking for a liquid supply that eliminates downtime, or searching for the largest volume cylinder packs to increase uptime between changeovers, we are here to help.

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