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Resonator Gas

Assured purity whether pre-mixed or pure gas

CO2 cutting lasers apply electrical excitation to a lasing medium by the use of resonator gases to add power and control to that energy. The lasing medium - CO2 - is stimulated by high energy electrical discharge. Nitrogen - is used to transfer energy to the CO2 by molecular excitement, adding power to the beam.

An unwanted by-product of these processes is heat, so another resonator gas - Helium – is used to act as a heat sink. From this process a laser beam is produced.

Experis® Resonator Gases

We have a complete range of high quality resonator gases. These pure and pre-mixed gases meet or exceed the gas purity and mix accuracy specifications of the world’s leading laser manufacturers. Experis® resonator gases ensure the highest quality beam characteristics are consistently achieved, allowing you to optimise laser performance and reduce your running costs.

Protect your investment

CO2 lasers require resonator gases to be very pure. Even the slightest impurity can lead to non-optimal efficiency or even cause damage to the laser. Click below to read our article.

Why do so many manufacturers choose Air Products laser gas?

Guaranteed gas purity

High quality gas that meets all laser manufacturers’ specifications to ensure a clean unoxidised cut and maintain the laser’s lifetime - for maximum quality.

Eliminate laser downtime

Our laser gas delivery modes eliminate machine downtime with continuous and reliable supply - for maximum productivity.

No loss of gas

Laser solutions tailored to your operation. Our liquid solutions ensure no loss of gas meaning you use all the gas you pay for - for maximum profitability.