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A Hydrogen Economy is Key to Europe's Energy Transition

Generating a cleaner future requires experience, investment, and innovation on a world scale. At Air Products, we have the technology, the track record, the capital and the ambition to be a first mover in pursuit of this goal.

Decarbonising heavy duty vehicles and industry
By producing and distributing clean hydrogen energy solutions for use in heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles, industrial applications and energy storage, Air Products will help support the hydrogen energy transition, minimising carbon emissions and reducing reliance on finite energy resources. Hydrogen will play a crucial role in diversifying energy sources and ensuring the security of energy supply in a sustainable and responsible way for the production of hydrogen.

We are actively pursuing hydrogen projects in Europe, complemented by export-driven projects in regions of the world where the conditions are good for the reliable production of the renewable electricity needed for the production of hydrogen. An example of the latter is the NEOM Green Hydrogen Project. Scheduled to be onstream in 2026 and with an intended production of up to 600 tons per day of carbon-free hydrogen in the form of green ammonia, this is the leading large-scale green hydrogen project. Europe was identified as an attractive destination for a substantial proportion of the project’s production for use in the decarbonization of heavy-duty vehicles and industry. REPowerEU has increased the importance to the EU of first-mover projects like NEOM.

In addition, given the urgency of reaching net-zero emissions, blue hydrogen is also well placed to support the European Energy Transition. Air Products is the global leader in capturing CO₂ before it reaches the atmosphere.  Our technology is built on more than 70 years experience, covering advanced CO₂ separation, purification and transportation.

Driving the transition through partnerships
We cannot do this alone so we continue to work closely with European policy makers and partners who have committed to making hydrogen a reality. Policies supporting blue hydrogen and renewable hydrogen produced in domestic electrolysers and from imported renewable energy will speed up the development of the European hydrogen economy, encouraging the broad implementation of technologies in which Air Products, with its 60 years of history, is a globally recognised specialist.

Large-Scale Green Energy Import Terminal in Hamburg

Air Products and Mabanaft, through its subsidiary Oiltanking Deutschland, announced their intention to build Germany's first large-scale, green energy import terminal in the Port of Hamburg. This joint development agreement is an important step towards the development of a green ammonia import and distribution infrastructure in the Port of Hamburg. The project was announced at a ceremony in Hamburg, which was supported by German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck and First Mayor of Hamburg Dr. Peter Tschentscher.

Hydrogen is a Clean Source of Energy

We believe that hydrogen provides a solution to generate a cleaner future . . . 

Real Actions. Real Commitments to Sustainability.

Air Products has made an additional set of commitments that further demonstrate our sustainability strategy in action. We are setting a new "Third by '30" CO₂ emissions intensity (kg CO₂ /MM BTU) goal for Scope 3 emissions, pledging to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and bringing our capital commitment to first-mover projects to $15 billion through 2027.

These commitments complement and reinforce Air Products' growth strategy of building our business to deliver climate benefits and work alongside our customers on their sustainability journey.
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With an investment of $7 billion, Air Products will supply carbon-free green hydrogen to power buses and trucks around the world by 2025, eliminating 3 million tons per year of CO₂ emissions, the equivalent of emissions from over 700,000 cars. The joint venture project in Saudi Arabia with NEOM and ACWA Power will be powered by four gigawatts of renewable power from solar, wind and storage, fueling the production of up to 600 tons per day of hydrogen by electrolysis using thyssenkrupp technology, nitrogen by air separation using Air Products technology, and 1.2 million tons per year of carbon-free ammonia using Haldor Topsoe technology.

Every action. Every detail. It all matters when you're providing a renewable or low-carbon source of energy.

Green hydrogen import in the EU: what is needed to accelerate?

Climate change and the new geopolitical reality require a dramatic acceleration of the clean energy transition and a diversification of Europe's energy sources. The European Commission has responded swiftly to this challenge by launching REPowerEU, which includes a target for green hydrogen import of 10 million tons in 2030. This raises the question, “Why is the import of green hydrogen needed, and how can projects be fast-tracked?”

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