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Generating a Cleaner Future with Hydrogen

As the world’s largest hydrogen producer, Air Products works across all facets of the hydrogen value chain, including production, distribution, storage, and dispensing and has been a pioneer in hydrogen fueling for decades. The company operates the world’s longest hydrogen pipeline system and is a world-class liquid hydrogen supplier. Air Products has hands-on operating experience with over 250 hydrogen fueling station projects in 20 countries, and the company’s technologies are used in over 1.5 million fueling operations annually. 

수소는 어떻게 생산됩니까?

우주에서 가장 풍부한 원소 인 수소는 물이나 메탄 같은 화합물의 일부로 존재하며 다양한 기술을 사용하여 순수한 수소로 분리됩니다.

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Is hydrogen fueling safe?

Hydrogen has been safely produced and used globally in various applications for over 100 years. When handled properly by companies like Air Products who have over 60 years of hydrogen experience, hydrogen, like all transportation fuels, is very safe.

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수소를 선택하는 이유

차량에 동력을 공급할 때 수소의 유일한 부산물은 물입니다. 연료 보급은 연료 보급, 범위 및 성능면에서 기존의 운송 연료 소비자 경험과 가장 유사합니다. 

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Why Choose Air Products for Your Hydrogen Fuel Supply?

Learn why hydrogen energy is the future.

Air Products’ higher purpose includes addressing the world’s need for clean energy and materials while reducing environmental impacts. Hydrogen is key to meeting this challenge.
Generating a cleaner future involves experience, investment, and innovation on a world scale. We have over 60 years’ experience safely producing and delivering hydrogen to our customers and more than 50 patents in hydrogen fueling. We have announced billions of dollars of investment in new sources of hydrogen and infrastructure development. Air Products has the technology, the track record, and the ambition to bring the hydrogen economy to scale.
Transit agencies around the world are transitioning to zero-emission fuel cell electric buses, and Air Products is providing hydrogen fueling solutions to support their goals.
Hydrogen is already playing a key role in decarbonizing transportation, and provides superior performance compared to other clean technologies when deployed in heavy-duty applications. Air Products isn’t just saying this but is leading by example through its recent announcement to convert its global fleet of approximately 2,000 trucks to hydrogen fuel cell zero-emission vehicles.
As the world’s largest hydrogen producer and operator of the world's longest hydrogen pipeline system, Air Products works across all facets of the hydrogen value chain, including production, distribution, storage, and dispensing of gaseous and liquid hydrogen.

Hydrogen Experts

Grounded in over six decades of hydrogen experience, we are focused on leveraging our significant capabilities to help solve the world’s climate challenges by deploying our hydrogen production, distribution, and dispensing solutions.  

Renewable hydrogen

Air Products is making significant investment in renewable hydrogen for the world. In addition, given the urgency of reaching net-zero emissions, blue hydrogen is also well-placed to support the energy transition.

엔드-투-엔드 수소 연료 공급 솔루션

당사는 생산에서 유통, 수소 연료 공급 스테이션에 이르기까지 고객에게 완벽한 서비스를 제공하여 수소, 최고의 기술과 장비, 검증 된 전문 기술을 공급합니다.

Driving hydrogen energy forward

We work together with customers and countries, providing hydrogen solutions to support them on their sustainability journey. We partner with select industry experts and governments on large-scale solutions.


세계적 규모의 수소 생산 프로젝트

World’s Largest Carbon Capture for Sequestration Facility

Air Products will invest $4.5B to build-own-operate the world’s largest blue hydrogen production facility, producing over 750 MMSCFD of blue hydrogen in Louisiana, USA. A portion of the blue hydrogen will be compressed and supplied to customers by our U.S. Gulf Coast pipeline network; the balance will be used to make blue ammonia that will be transported around the world and converted back to blue hydrogen for transportation and other markets.

The megaproject will also capture over five million metric tons per year of CO₂, making it the largest carbon capture for sequestration facility in the world. Numerous studies have shown that Louisiana’s geology is some of the best in the world for permanent geologic sequestration.

The project is expected to be operational in 2026. 

서부 캐나다에서 블루 수소 허브로 선도

캐나다 앨버타 주 에드먼턴에 위치한 수소 에너지 단지는 캐나다 서부와 태평양 북서부의 수소 경제의 중심이 될 것입니다. 이 복합 단지는 앨버타의 모든 대중 교통 기관에 연료를 공급하기에 충분한 액체 수소를 생산합니다. 더 좋은 점은, 당사의 고급 수소 기술, 탄소 포집 및 저장, 수소로 연료를 사용하는 발전을 결합하여 탄소 배출량이 거의없는 시설을 운영 할 수 있다는 점입니다.

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