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Immingham Green Energy Terminal

Our Plans for the Humber

The Government has identified Immingham as a top priority area for ‘levelling up’ via investment and growth. We plan to build and run a new green hydrogen production facility at Immingham, together with a downstream delivery network. Watch our animation to understand what the development would look like.

Hydrogen World Leader

Air Products is the world’s leading hydrogen supplier. We are investing in the Humber to build a new green hydrogen facility.

Secure, Clean Fuel

Project will provide secure, clean fuel for decarbonising heavy transport and will reduce emissions equivalent to taking up to 20,000 lorries off our roads.

Shovel-ready Project

This is a shovel-ready project that will deliver up to £4.6 billion in financial benefit to the region, plus around 1,400 direct jobs and many more in supply chains.

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is a renewable and very low-carbon form of energy. It can be produced in electrolysers, in which water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen, powered by renewable electricity. The hydrogen is captured, with the oxygen released harmlessly into the air. 

We will carry out the electrolysis in our global facilities. The renewable hydrogen will be converted to ammonia for safe transport to Immingham, where it will be used as feedstock for the production of the renewable hydrogen for UK users. 

Our production process is safe, creates no harmful emissions, and will be a direct source of domestically-produced green hydrogen. The process is illustrated below.


Uses and Benefits

Secure, Green Energy

The plant will produce fuel for heavy transport, such as buses and lorries, helping reduce the dependency of UK mobility and freight on fossil fuels. It will save up to 580,000 tonnes of CO₂ a year.

Cleaner Air

The decarbonisation will be equivalent to taking 20,000 diesel lorries off our roads.


Our scheme will bring financial benefits worth up to £4.6 billion to Immingham and its surrounding region.  These benefits were calculated for us independently, using a careful, conservative forecast, by a former UK Treasury economist.  

New Jobs

Our green hydrogen scheme will create around 1,400 direct jobs and with many more jobs created in supply chains around the project – potentially around 3,000 in total.


Despite ambitious government plans for green hydrogen, there is no functioning market yet in the UK. We have finance in place, a site is identified and ― given government assurances that hydrogen policy will be supportive of our investment ― we will be able to move quickly.

Pioneering Hydrogen Bus Fleet and Refuelling Station Launched In and Around Gatwick Airport

The Go-Ahead Group has launched a pioneering fleet of hydrogen fuel cell buses to carry passengers on routes in the Gatwick Airport, Crawley and Horley area. The buses will be served by Air Products' liquid hydrogen refuelling station in Crawley, the largest of its kind in Europe. Air Products intends to deliver green hydrogen produced in Immingham from imported renewable energy sources, such as the company's NEOM Green Hydrogen complex.

This latest project is an excellent example of companies collaborating and pioneering in the energy transition space to make decarbonisation of public transport a reality.  


Air Products and Associated British Ports partner on Renewable Hydrogen Production

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Air Products' Suzanne Lowe (2nd right) with ABP's Simon Bird (2nd left), ORE Catapult's Ben George, and Terberg's Andrew Ward beside the prototype hydrogen-fuelled tractor at the Port of Immingham.

Supporting ABP's First Hydrogen Terminal Tractor Trial

Associated British Ports (ABP) is the first UK port operator to trial a hydrogen fuelled tractor at its container terminal at the Port of Immingham alongside a mobile hydrogen filling station provided by Air Products.

This joint pilot project, which received funding from ORE Catapult through Innovate UK’s Hydrogen Innovation Initiative, is a key activity in the bid to decarbonise port operations, and an important step in the creation, delivery, and use of hydrogen at the Port of Immingham.


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