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Modularized Processes and Equipment

Air Products’ engineering, manufacturing and execution teams bring the technical expertise to collaborate with owners, operators, engineering and construction contractors on a variety of execution strategies to design and fabricate the liquefier heat exchanger systems to meet specific construction and modularization requirements.  Such strategies range from liquefier coil wound heat exchangers (CWHE) units being partially pre-dressed, modularized in the manufacturing yard or at the project site, while N2 recycle cold boxes are being fabricated in the manufacturing shop. 
Download Modularized Solutions for LNG Plants Data Sheet

Benefits to our customers

Execution strategies incorporating modularization of AirProducts’ proprietary cryogenic heat exchanger technology and equipment provide alternative means of managing project risks, costs, and schedule.

Faster Deployment

Increase schedule predictability

Improved Safety

Optimized designs to reduce or mitigate on-site scaffolding

Reduced Labor Onsite

Minimize fieldwork and impact of labor shortages

The Technology

Natural gas liquefaction technologies for modularized applications include the following processes:

The Equipment

Depending on the process used, natural gas liquefaction equipment can include:

·       Coil wound heat exchangers (CWHE) for reliable liquefaction

·       Cold boxes for nitrogen recycle process

·       Proven turbomachinery with high efficiency and robust design

·       Hydraulic turbine equipment designed for improved liquefaction process efficiency

·       Flash exchangers with proven and robust design

Download Air Products' Coil Wound Heat Exchangers: the best choice for LNG applications data sheet

State-of-the-art LNG manufacturing

Take a look inside the manufacturing process at our Port Manatee facility, as we produce world-class equipment for your specific needs.

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